Wire Art – 3D

This was a class I ran at lunch for the intermediates.  We started out with wire purchased from the hardware store for practise.  Worked on 2d and 3d images.  The final 3d images we used kraft wire I ordered from BLICK.  The BLICK sculpture Wire is a soft flexible aluminum that simply is easy to use.  I was concerned when I first opened the spool as it seemed to have a fair bit of kink to it, but it was just a matter of playing with it.  Compared to the 18 gauge wire purchased from Home Depot the 14 gauge wire was a dream.  It comes in a 350 ft spool under $20.  I just wished I had ordered more at the time because kids love working with wire!

The wooden platform blocks were simply cut from a 2×4 and varnished.  Thankfully we had the support of the principal and her husband as this was something he did for us in his shop!